Telephone Medical Consultation

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are currently at home. For this reason, we offer a new service to our patients, a telephone medical consultation.


About the Service

The telephone consultation aims to asses and balance medical risk factors. Patients with known risk factors and conditions, or fears for risk factors such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, heart diseases or strokes are suitable for this service.


How Does it Work?

The consultation is done through an hour-long telephone call. During the conversation we will fill in a full medical questionnaire including your medical history, risk factors, past hospitalizations, past and current medications, imaging, genetic background and family medical history.
After filling in the questionnaire, we will send personal recommendation to the patient: what he or she should do in the near future in order to get an early diagnosis and to balance the risk factors. Medication balancing recommendation are also provided.


How Can I Order a Telephone Consultation?

Leave your personal information through the website (via chat, phone or contact form) and we will contact you. After the conversation, we will email you an agreement to receive medical consultation and a medical confidentiality form. Then, you will select a time for the consultation, and pay the consultation fee on our website. The consultation fee is ILS 500. After you'll send us a payment confirmation we will confirm the date and time you chose for your consultation.
When the time of appointment comes, we will call you.

Do Note:

The consultation does not include a physical examination or reviewing hard-copy documents. All the needed documents and information should be in hands of the patient at the time of the consultation.

Please call 03-6154404 to order a consultation

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