Risk factors managments during the Corona crisis

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Early detection of risk factors such as borderline diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, etc. is of great importance in the prevention of diseases, and exacerbation of existing conditions. Many health care professionals emphasize the need for early diagnosis in order to initiate treatment as early as possible.

Still, the number of people in developed countries who suffer from metabolic syndromes is rising steadily. A significant percentage of the population over the age of 40 suffer from metabolic syndromes, and when combined with an inactive lifestyle, the result is a consistent increase in the number of people that suffer from cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and cancer.

These days, when the Corona pandemic has erupted around the world, humanity appears helpless against the devastating loss of human life. The need for separation and sometimes even temporary isolation of family members, is influencing the fundaments of our social structure for the worst , and is harmful to the world's economy.

But while a pandemic is forcing us to enter a home stay period, many of us should use this time in order to do something that we may never did before, and that is health planning.

Recognizing and treating our weaknesses in order to be better prepared for the next wave of  corona crisis, or for the next different pandemic, that may already be around the corner.

  1. – Aging cannot be stopped. We should only be aware that from a certain age, our body weakens, and therefore elderly people should avoid, in any cost, exposure to infectious diseases. Over the next few weeks, and until the end of the corona crisis, every person above the age of 65 should significantly limit the physical contact with friends and family.
  2. – An insight into the family background of a patient is of great importance to diseases prevention. Medical decisions regarding diagnosis and therapies, should derive from the information provided by the patient, and may sometimes be critical in order to prevent illnesses and even save lives.
  3. -Medicine is referring to it as the 'silent killer'. Because in many cases people are not aware that they are suffering from it, and therefore are not treated. Every person over the age of 40 should check his blood pressure from time to time. In the case of a known hypertension, one must be treated with an unequivocal purpose of a complete balance. Unbalanced hypertension has a deteriorating effect over the heart.
  4. -Every person should be checked by blood tests periodically. Fasting glucose level, lipid profile, Anemiogram and more should be checked routinely. Moreover, one should be aware of the diabetic symptoms that include, among other things, polydipsia and polyurea. The diagnostic challenge is even more prominent in the case of 
  5. , which is often misdiagnosed, and therefore, not treated in time. Unless treated, it will surely develop into a full-blown diabetes.
  6. – Many people suffer from varying degrees of this disease. In such a case there is a tremendous importance to balance the patient medications, in order to preserve the cardiac function, and to prevent complications and worsening of the existing situation. It also important to be aware that cardiovascular patients are the most vulnerable to complications arising from infectious diseases.
  7. – Many people are medicated on a regular basis. Drugs may have a short-lasting and a long-term side effects, such as immunosuppression for oncologic patients, hormonal glands injuries, and more. These damages should be considered as a significant risk factor for complications that may arise from infectious diseases.

– The issue of diseases prevention and exacerbation of existing medical conditions, is important in all age groups. The outbreak of the corona pandemic that results in many casualties and is risking those who suffer from background diseases and unbalanced risk factors, only emphasizes and intensifies the need for preventive measures.

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